TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH A wise man by the name of JOHN WESLEY once said in his bible that,''TRUTH IS NOT MEASURED BY NUMBERS, IT IS ONLY MEASURED BY THE CHARACTER OF GOD''. If I do wrong, the proper way for a leader to lead right is to counsel me and not judge. Leadership is all about influence, if you cannot lead by influencing your subject in the right way, then you are not qualify to be a leader. People judge others nowadays rather than carefully guiding them to sanity and repentance. I will rather not condemn anybody but will carefully and closely guide them to get deliverance. This can only be achieved by the special Grace of God. Worthy is the Lamb, Alleluia. 191745595 FACT In Nigeria, a rapid assessment of orphans and vulnerable children conducted in 2004 with UNICEF support revealed that there were about seven millions orphans in 2003 and that 800,000 more orphans were added during that same year. Out of this total number, about 1.8 million are orphaned by HIV/AIDS. With the spread of HIV/AIDS, the number of orphans is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years to 8.2 million by 2010. At the creation of 100,000 Orphanage Homes, there will still be need to create more. 191746839 FACT These are inherent virtues & traits found in inspired leaders.....rare in that of these new generations. 191777322